What is the best support for your mattress?

Before choosing a best mattress for bad back or support for your mattress should know what type of mattress is that we have or have purchased. This will influence the choice of one type of support or another.

We often neglect this detail and that is that the choice of a mattress or support is a fundamental part of the choice of the best rest equipment. But what types of supports are currently on the market?

Slatted bed base

It is the easiest rest support for all. It consists of a frame, an iron frame, and wooden boards separated from each other. The quality of the slat base depends on the quality of the materials and the elasticity and strength of the wood or the alternative material to it (fiberglass).

The slatted bed bases are the most economical and successful option for latex mattresses. That they need concrete support because the latex needs the support of sheets to avoid that the mattress takes humidity. However, this type of supports usually has lower quality, since the sheets have a shorter duration due to the ease of breakage.

Upholstered base

The upholstered base consists of a padded board that allows ventilation of the mattress and steel bars placed transversely. This type of support is usually suitable for all types of mattresses.

You can also find another type of upholstered base composed of a wooden board (agglomerate) covered with upholstery. This upholstered base model is the simplest and is usually appropriate for any mattress, except latex.

Canape folding

In the market you can find two types of canapes: fixed or folding. In this post, we are going to treat the folding canopy since it is the most sought after option because it allows having extra storage for the bedroom.

The folding canopy has a double function: on the one hand, it serves as a support for our mattress and on the other, it is an extra storage space in the bedroom. It consists of a laminated or upholstered top and the storage drawer.

This type is the most complete and functional. And its durability of the canap├ęs is linked to the quality of its materials, structure, and finishes.